Compañía Fantastica opens a new office in México after closing 2017 with a 10 million turnover.

Flagship Store Fernando VI

The Spanish fashion brand focuses in México, Malaysia, and Turkey on its internationalization strategy. Meanwhile, in Spain, it will grow through El Corte Inglés and monobrand stores.

Flagship Store Fernando VI

The brand Ccrosseslantic and opens an office in the Aztec country. In 2018, its objective is to open more than 200 multibrand sale points through a network of 8 trading partners.

Its internationalization is not only focused on the Mexican country. The group has recently signed an agreement with Malaysian department store, Robinsons, and in Turkey with We Public. They will be selling the Spring Summer collection.

The group closes 2017 with a growth of 17%. 10 million against 8,5 million from 2016. The firm includes a 10% more of sale points around the world. At the end of 2017, it reached more than 1300.

While its presence stands out in countries such as Sapin and Italy, it has a high growth forecast in Belgium, United Kingdom and France. In addition, it renews its contract with the United States Marketplace, Modcloth.

Corner El Corte Inglés Sevilla Duque

In Spain, it plans its expansion through El Corte Inglés, where it will open a corner in Mallorca. Meanwhile, it studies the possibility to open monobrand stores in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Valencia.

The company has 47 employees located in its Madrid offices and a network of 42 agents around the world.