“Brava Girl”: Fashion Film Summer

Compañía Fantástica presents its new Fashion film “Brava Girl” with the actress Kimberley Tell

The video, filmed at the Costa Brava by the producer Héctor Pratz, shows looks from the Summer 2017 collection.

The Spanish Fashion brand COMPAÑÍA FANTÁSTICA presents its Summer 17 collection with the release of their Fashion film “Brava Girl”

The short stars Kimberley Tell, known for her roles in Something to Celebrate, Searching for the north or the musical Drac Pack. The actress is the image of the brand for this summer, wearing different looks from the collection in a retro, colorful and mysterious atmosphere.

The action is encompassed inside the brand’s series Fantastic Stories: productions made by different talents of the audiovisual scene. In this occasion, it’s the young producer from Barcelona, Héctor Ptars the one in charge of directing this piece.

After the release in May of the fashion film “Wanderlust” starring the indie songstress Anni B Sweet, the brand keeps widening its storytelling and visual universe by associating with different influencers of the creative scene.

This way, Compañía Fantástica continues to strengthen and define its brand image and positioning itself inside the textile market as a fresh and new alternative.

The Company, that made 9 million in 2016, already counts with 8 sales points of its own, and 1000 multiband stores around the world.
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