Join Fantastic: various artists that interpret the brand

Compañía Fantástica releases FANTASTIC PEOPLE, a series of collaborations with various artists that interpret the brand.


The marketing campaing debuts with the illustrator Maria Hesse


Madrid, May 26th, 2017


The Madrid based Spanish Fashion brand COMPAÑÍA FANTÁSTICA widens its marking strategy for the Spring 17 collection with a series of collaborations with artists like the illustrator Maria Hesse, the painters Coco Dávez and María Herreros, the filmaker Héctor Prats, or the writer La Forte; among others.


The series FANTASTIC PEOPLE begins with the first installment of a series of illustrations in charge of Maria Hesse, and it will run for the upcoming months with new collaborations. The action will be complemented with the presence of different influencers as brand image, selected by their personality, talent and creativity.


The campaign fits the brand’s new positioning CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE, which bets on empowering one’s own personality against the impositions typical of the fashion world. COMPAÑIA FANTÁSTICA embraces this way the singularity of its clients and collaborators, in celebration of “the different.”


After the release in May of the fashion film “Wanderlust” starring the indie songstress Anni B Sweet, the brand keeps widening its storytelling and visual universe by associating with different influencers of the creative scene.


This way, Compañía Fantástica continues to strengthen and define its brand image and positioning itself inside the textile market as a fresh and new alternative.


The Company, that made 9 million in 2016, already counts with 8 sales points of its own, and 1000 multiband stores around the world.



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