Anni B Sweet featuring the Fashion Film

Compañía Fantástica presents its Spring 17 collection with Anni B Sweet as its image

The songstress stars in the Fashion film called “Wanderlust”

The Spanish Fashion brand COMPAÑÍA FANTÁSTICA presents its Spring 17 collection with the release of their Fashion film “Wanderlust”

The short stars Anni B sweet, the Spanish indie songstress most listened to in Spotify, and one of the talents of national music.

Filmed at Chamartin Station’s Roller Disco, under the direction of the producer Bryan Ventura, the audiovisual piece is homage to the roller girl culture, with aesthetic references to the 80’s music videos.

The action is encompassed inside the brand’s series Fantastic Stories: productions made by different talents of the audiovisual scene with whom the brand wants to provide freshness to its image and position itself as one of the most up-to-date brands in the textile scene.

The artist wears various styles from Compañía Fantástica’s new collection, while rocking to one of her latest hits: Watch me shoot you, from her album Chasing Illusions.
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