Def. Wanderlust (German literally wander desire)  A deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road an travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world. It invites us to escape our routine in search of new experiences,  discover other territories and experiment new cultures and sensations.

  • Wandern (German): walking, as in to take a walk.
  • Lust: desire.

As if it were a journeym the Wanderlust collection takes us to other realities where we experiment with prints, colors and textures with fearlessness and a sense of humor. Fashion for daydreamers that interpret trends their own way and dream of living new experiences in their everyday life.

The collection is characterized by prints that are complemented by solid colors like navy blue (our new black). The chromatic range is increased by bold color hues like red lips, flamingo pink, cloudy blue, jungle green or mimosa yellow.

Regarding fabrics, crepe, chiffon, jacquard, denim, kknit and stretch take on the leading roles. You can also find more natural fabrics like viscose and cotton: twill, cambric, poplin, denim…

Imagination’s infinte Journey that draws itself from the following ideas or mini-collections:

  • Pretty in print: A mini-collection that’s permanent in all our seasons, characterized by Compañia’s famous girly prints: watermelons, lemons, whales, hearts…
  • Street Life: Elastic knitted fabrics cut into broad patterns: palazzo pants, long kimonos, neoprene bombers, ribbed tight tops and bodies. Rocking patterns like the graffiti print.
  • Fine Lines and polka dots: Stripes and polka polka dots in different textures, full of freshness and one of the brands trademarks.
  • Denim: Very trendy, always inbterpreted by our philosophy un jackets, toips, skirts and dresses.
  • Tomboy: Masculine patterns and prints full of feminity and comfort: cotton, shirts, pants…
  • Candy crush: Mini collection characterized by single color and thoughtfully studied pattens full of details.
  • Blossom romantic: The floral print is a classec in our collection, reinterpreted this season in new patterns and tones. This is accompanied bu classic print like Vichy, Embroidery and details like smocking lace, frills…