Fantastic People: Monstruo Espagueti

To not strive to improve your style: just be satisfied to be able to do your laundry.

Ask if there is a hairdryer while an alien invites you to a better universe.


“Hi, let me introduce myself: I’m your friend’s new boyfriend.

-Hi, I´m the co-writer of all of her WhatsApp’s.”


Hilarious situations such as these can only happen in the mind of the protagonist of our new #fantasticpeoplestories: graphic humorist Monstruo Espagueti.

Anastasia Bengoechea (Barcelona) dissects relationships, job insecurities, young adulthood, the fever for social networks, posers, and other avatars of postmodern life under her particular perspective: transgressive, ironic, contemporary, feminine and scandalously funny.

We had been following her for a long time and she seemed like a good candidate to be Compañía Fantástica’s new ambassador; a couple of emails later she was flying to Madrid from Barcelona.

At our showroom we discovered an irreverent, easy going, redhead girl with playful green eyes that alternates telling jokes with dress fittings. (And, man, does our collection suit her well!)



Crazy for prawns, lover of the counterculture and everything geeky (she took her nickname Monstruo Espagueti from de surrealist Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster…) we spent a crazy day with her getting to know her particular view of the world.

Don’t miss the full interview in this video:

Anastasia, see you at the bar!

*All clothing belongs to Compania Fantastica Spring Summer 16 Collection.

Pics via Monstruo Espagueti