Fantastic People: Coco Dávez

It all started like so many other relationships: social networks.

A DM on Instagram, a couple of likes, a follow and…voilà!


Our story with Coco Dávez was a virtual love at first sight.

She saw in our collection a reflection of her work, and we could not find a better ambassador for our brand.

Fantastic People

This young artist who has exhibited her work in some of the best galleries in Spain, Lisbon and Santiago de Chile conquered us with her captivating personality.

Coco began her career as an artist in London, 2010, as illustrator for El Mundo newspaper, and she is now a regular contributor to several publications


Her series “Faceless”, consisting on portraits inspired by pop culture icons, done in vibrant colours using the acrylic technique, have turned her into one of the most promising authors of the current pictorial panorama.


She, on her side, said about us: “the thing is that your clothing is like what I paint.”

As a result of this mutual fascination our first #fantasticpeople Story was born: a video full of colour that we had the honour of recording at the studio of the artist herself in the Madrid suburb of Las Salesas(on top of everything, we’re neighbours!)

Ready to dance?

*All the clothing used in this vedeo belongs to the Spring Summer 2016 collection of Compañía Fantástica and you can find it in our eShop