Back to School Party with Miranda Makaroff

Last Thursday was a great day for all the team here at Compañía Fantástica! After  months of lots of nerves, effort and excitement we have finally opened our new flasgship store in downtown Madrid.

What we felt for that venue was love at first sight: we believed in that rundown place in the middle of Las Salesas’s district and we decided to give it a second chance. We were not in the wrong: today it has become an incredible open space with polished concrete floors, white walls, wooden girders and those beautiful iron columns that were left from the original structure, which we painted white.


tienda tienda_companiafantastica


Fernando VI,8’s flagship store has been born to be the main reflection of Compañía Fantástica’s new spirit:  more cosmopolitan, fresh and authentic than ever. A versatile and open setting that will combine a boutique with a working space and a photography studio, where, besides being able to purchase our collections, you’ll be able to attend exhibitions, events and meet other brands and collaborators.

 An event like this deserved a celebration that rose to the occasion: The back to school party, inspired in those high school years.

 The multitalented Miranda Makaroff was in charge of the music. Artist, blogger, dj, style icon and social media star, Miranda is petite, fun and charming, and we love her as the image of our brand.


To act as ambassador of the party she combined our printed Blueberry shirt (available in stores) with a knitted pink skirt (a preview of our winter collection) outfit to which she gave her personal touch by adding her own accessories.

In between hits, friends, clients, bloggers and people from the fashion industry started showing up to toast with a beer, courtesy of Brabante and get to know the new store and the Fall collection.

























We invited the assistants to write their best back to school memories in a chalkboard and we couldn’t help but be amazed by your wit! The party went on past midnight and we couldn’t help but feel that we were being part of something really big for us. Thank you all so much for coming to celebrate!!